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I hope I can convey the passion and joy I feel as I enter a completely different world with my painting. Maybe you will find a painting that speaks to you. I also hope that you see that Finland and Ostrobothnia are in my paintings and that it is mainly the nature around me that inspires me.

The gallery "Insel Island gallery" represents me in the USA and China. I am very happy about our cooperation.

I have been part of an exhibition in Venice Beach, LA and several exhibitions in California. A female art exhibition and music show took place at Google Campus California in November 2022. The exhibition was a collaboration with Women@Google and Insel Island Gallery.

I am also glad to be part of three art books. Nordic art guide, European art guide and World art guide.

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My art

Seeing the beauty in the details has long been something I have done with love. The creative has always been in my life and after a break of ten years, the painting has now been taken up again with new vigor. Painting mindfully, that is, being sensitive and letting colors and shapes play their own game, I have realized is my way of expressing myself when it comes to painting. Painting with acrylic and also quite abstract right now feels extremely inspiring and life-giving to me.

  • Solo exhibition "FLOW"; at Wasa konditori, Saluhallen, Vasa, March-April 2020 

  • Solo exhibition "BLUE"; at Raawka, Vasa, November 2020

  • Featured in Catalogue Guide/The Art Edit/House and Garden March 2021

  • Featured on the digital platform Fragile EXPRESS May 2020 and January

  • Featured in Nordic art guide 2021

  • Solo exhibition “LIFE” at Närpes art gallery, June 2021

  • Solo exhibition “BLOSSOM” at Pharmacy House Café, Vasa, August-September 2021

  • Solo exhibition “INSPIRE” at Restyle, Vasa, nov-dec. 2021

  • Exhibition “SEASONS” with designer Jenny Aarrekangas at Loftet, Vasa, April - May 2022

  • Featured in European art guide 2022

  • Solo exhibition “ÖSTERBOTTEN” at Seniorpunkten, Korsholm, March-April 2022

  • Solo exhibition “HOPE” at Närpes art gallery, June 2022

  • Group exhibition  "re Balance" ; at Insel Island gallery, The Sea Ranch, California, July-August 2022

  • Solo exhibition "WATER"; at Arte Mare gallery, Replot, August-September 2022

  • Group exhibition "re Balance"; at Yiwei gallery, Los Angeles, USA, exhibited by Insel Island gallery,  August-September 2022

  • Group exhibition "re Balance" a collaboration with Women@Google and Insel Island Gallery at Google headquarters in California, USA, November 2022

  • Featured in World art guide 2023

  • Solo exhibition "Dreamy Mind" at Stundars, Solf, May-June 2023

  • Solo exhibition "Blossom" San Carlos, California, May 2023

  • Group exhibition "Archipelago" Truedoor Vocation Inc, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, USA September-October 2023

About me

Painting and photography have always been important parts of my life. Both art forms came early into my life. Sometimes the focus has been on photography and sometimes on painting. I have had time to try many different techniques, but right now I am incredibly fond of acrylic paint. It dries quickly and you can add many different layers to make the different shifts in the motif appear. If a painting has its own life and if colors and shapes look different in different lights, then I think I have succeeded, because you can then get a new experience every time you look at the painting. I try to reserve as much time as possible for my painting. I want to develop and move forward as an artist. I also see it as a kind of meditation for myself. I think finding a healthy balance in life that makes you feel good is very important. My dream is that my paintings will end up with people who get experiences when they look at my works of art. That you find comfort, joy, peace, and good feelings when you surround yourself with my paintings. This is my dream and the purpose of my painting.

The motto in my life: is that you should try to see the beauty in life, enjoy the little things and always,  try to be as kind as you can. Family, friends, and human contacts feel like indispensable ingredients in my life. Even my cats that seem to become more numerous each year are very important parts of my life. They give me joy and harmony.

Papua New Guinea was a part of my upbringing, Germany is also an important part of me because part of my background is there. At the same time, it is here in Finland, Ostrobothnia, and Malax where I'm rooted and where I belong. All of this is an important part of my life and for me. The inspiration to paint comes from within, from events I have been through, from nature, from traveling, memories - yes, everything that made me become who I am today. Everything that surrounds one in life translates into new colors and shapes, which in itself is incredibly exciting and inspiring. I feel extremely grateful to be able to make my journey in the world of art and I hope to do so for a long time to come. You are warmly welcomed to join me on that journey

To help each other

It feels important that we are there for each other and that we always remember how much we have to be grateful for. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to be able to support certain important organizations. In the year 2021, I gave a sum to Nordic Wildlife care. And in the year 2020,  2022 and 2023 I contributed a sum to Street Children in Nepal.

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Feel free to get in touch with questions, collaborations or anything else!

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